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Flathead Lake

Pann: The place that has the most drowning accidents occuring

Flathead Lake in the US

The lake goes as deep as 113m, but people don't realize it because the water is crystal clear. It causes a lot of drowning accidents.


1. [+236, -3] Woah it's amazing... It looks so shallow. I'd also jump recklessly

2. [+189, -4] Hul I thought the boat was flying but it's actually on the water

3. [+173, -8] I want Pann to be filled with these posts

4. [+66, -1] Underwater picture. How can this be in the water


5. [+48, -0] But you can see if a person is drowning... It's scary

6. [+36, -1] But if you think about it... You can see a person dying because the water is too clear... I don't want to imagine, it's seriously giving me goosebumps

7. [+34, -1] The woman lying on the water must have a brave heart

8. [+31, -0] It's like a criminal with an innocent face

9. [+26, -1] They could find drowned bodies easily because the water is clear

10. [+24, -0] Wow... So if someone drowns, the body could be seen

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