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EXO-L supports the History Museum of Japanese Military Comfort Women

Pann: EXO-L did something again

EXO's fanclub EXO-L are in the spotlight once again for their charitable work. It has recently been brought to attention that EXO-L is getting ready to support the History Museum of Japanese Military Comfort Women in celebration of the idol group's third year anniversary.

More reports are trickling out and complementing the change in the fanclub culture where fanclubs are actively supporting and donating money to help the community as well as spreading awareness of Korean history.

According to the report, the History Museum of Japanese Military Comfort Women faced various crises for the eleven years since its opening to the point of closing due to lack of funds back in 2012 and again in 2013. At the time, the museum was able to continue services through donations received from students and citizens and assistance from City of Busan. However, it was once again reported that the donations have been cut short and the Museum is facing struggles in staying open.

With this knowledge, EXO-Ls decided to take a stand and be in the forefront to support the museum with the help of a free supporter application 'Fan Maum.' One EXO-L member stated, "Through my favorite idol's name, I wanted to do a good deed for the world as well as introduce the artists."

A fellow supporter of the museum commented on the post that was created on an online community board to bring light to EXO-L's good deed, expressing their thanks to the fanclub. The comment reads, "I'm a regular supporter of the History Museum of Japanese Military Comfort Women and the administrators have told me that they are lacking funds because the museum is free. We are currently trying to recruit regular supporters and to see that EXO's fan members are participating in this... We are very thankful.. Thank you fans ㅠㅠ."

Meanwhile, the campaign to raise 'Maum (Hearts)' will go on until April 3 and the proceeds will go towards the History Museum of Japanese Military Comfort Women. (Source: AKP)


1. [+335, -28] The antis who came here to hate EXO fans must be flustered

2. [+283, -17] It's good to see them donating ㅠㅠ I hope no one would hate just because it's related to EXO

3. [+270, -17] I came here sighing because I thought it'd be a hate post. I'm not a fan but it's cool to see!

4. [+71, -2] I'm a long-term donator for comfort women museum. The museum is operated non-profitably so the staff says that they lack a lot of money. We're still looking for long-term donators and EXO fans participated in it... Thank you so much...

5. [+64, -6] People won't even read this post, right? I envied EXO fans when EXO won daesangs but now I feel bad for them. I'm honestly not interested in EXO but I'm starting to like them because they get so much hate

6. [+62, -4] This is EXO-Ls in real life. Unlike online where you can manipulate stuff, they cheer for other singers on Gaon Chart. What I don't like is that there's a certain fandom that turns off their lightsticks during EXO stages. I won't mention the fandom because I don't want to generalize them

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