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Park Kyung Rim and Infinite

Pann: The relationship between entertainer Park Kyung Rim and Infinite

When Park Kyung Rim was a DJ of Byulbam, Infinite debuted and was on her radio.

She was the MC of Infinite's first fanclub launch (around 100 fans)

She also MC-ed at their showcases in 2012 and 2014

When Infinite released an repackaged album in 2014, they chose Park Kyung Rim's radio for their first radio and guested at Park Kyung Rim's talk concert. The three members did an event that wasn't even done to their fans.

PKR: "Last year, Sungjong called me and asked me to meet him while he was in Korea... (they were on a world tour) I told him to bring all the members so that I'd buy a meal, but only Sungjong and Dongwoo came because other members had schedules. While I was gone to the bathroom, Sungjong paid for the meal. I took them to a good restaurant to buy a delicious meal for them..."

Sungjong: "Since debut, noona took care of us so well, so I wanted to pay her back after doing well. I'm happy to be able to buy her a meal."

PKR: "They must've been so busy because they were on a world tour at that time... I was so touched."

Sungjong: "No, I was already thankful for you coming."

Park Kyung Rim at Infinite's second fanmeet

"Wow~ When we first launched the fanclub, it was around 100 people, but it's 16,000 now. Amazing... I've been watching Infinite since debut, and their kindness has unchanged for the past 5 years. Those who're changed have different eyes but Infinite practices and treats others with the same eyes. They're at the age to play around but..."

"When it's new year, they all contact me and some of them also take care of my birthday. I always thank them. They texted me when I came here and always come to my waiting room to say hi."

"I really like Infinite as people. Working in this industry, I sometimes have to do stuff that I don't want to, but I'd do anything for these kids."

"Infinite doesn't lose their first mindset, so you fans can trust me and trust Infinite until the end."



1. [+102, -0] Infinite's father is Yeobie Dobie and mother is Park Kyung Rim~

2. [+88, -1] "Infinite doesn't lose their first mindset, so you fans can trust me and trust Infinite until the end." As a fan, this cheers me up so much

3. [+79, -0] She's a good person who's been with Infinite since they were unknown rookies... It's true that people will treat you back if you behave nicely

4. [+32, -0] Park Kyung Rim knows who'll become a star. She's been treating Choi Jin Hyuk nicely since he was a rookie. She also knew how big Infinite would become when they were rookies

5. [+28, -1] Park Kyung Rim also contributed a lot in Infinite's popularity

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