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Perfect idols that can't be bashed

Pann: Perfect idols that can't be bashed

SNSD Seohyun

Pretty, good body, talented, good lifestyle


EXO Chen

Good-looking, talented, good personalities


AOA Choa

Unique looking, talented, cool personalities


B2ST Doojoon

Good-looking, talented, volunteers


Winner Seungyoon

Talented, strong mentality


1. [+185, -51] Thank you for mentioning Jongdae!!

2. [+121, -58] Thank you for mentioning our God Seung!! <3

3. [+109, -47] Thank for Seungyoonie :D

4. [+69, -39] But we can bash Seohyun for her special university entrance
5. [+39, -36] People all know Seohyun, Choa, Seungyoon, and Doojoon's good personalities and talents but why are you mentioning Chen? EXO fans need to know where they can butt in. Only you guys know about him. People don't even know him that much

6. [+36, -8] Thank you for mentioning Doojoon

7. [+34, -9] Thanks for Choa mention ㅠㅠ

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