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"Big company benefits"

Pann: There are definitely big company benefits

1. [+117, -6] It's because SM has God Hee Jin... SHINee Dream Girl, f(x) Rum Pum Pum Pum & Red Light, EXO Growl, and Red Velvet Ice Cream Cake were all her work

2. [+115, -5] Honestly, the reason why idols from big companies get more popular is because they spend much more money on styling and music videos. Just compare these outfits, Red Velvet and Lovelyz's outfits are much prettier

3. [+90, -1] Agreed. Looking at how Red Velvet and Lovelyz are getting popular, I can tell that successful companies know what to do. The companies make the stans

4. [+37, -3] GFriend is a success of noise-marketing

5. [+31, -0] GFriend is like... They still look unprepared. I listened to their MR removed versions and they couldn't sing. Their song was also too similar to Into The New World. They do a lot of media-play. They should've used the money to choose a better song instead of media-playing. Isn't this a difference between companies?

6. [+31, -3] I can tell SM's strategy. Rookie groups from SM tend to gather female fans first rather than male fans. They do styles that can attract women. Maybe it's because female fans spend more money and are more protective. I'm not an SM fan, though

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