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Cube trainee who almost debuted in CLC

Pann: A member who almost debuted in CLC

Cube trainee Go Seohyun


1. [+69, -7] These days, I can't tell who is who. When I was in elementary school, I would turn on TV and see Bigbang, Kara, SNSD, SuJu, and TVXQ on music broadcast. B2ST was a fresh rookie group... But now, rookie groups appear and disappear too fast and they're too many of them. It's easier not to care about them. The only rookie groups I've heard are Winner, iKON, 2Eyes, Sonamoo, and media-playing Lovelyz. The industry is completely packed. This girl looks pretty, though

2. [+48, -5] I don't know who CLC is so I thought it was 2NE1 CL

3. [+9, -1] This unnie went to my school and she transferred to Seoul Performing Arts High School in grade 11... She's so pretty. Her body is no joke. I thought she was gonna debut this time

4. [+6, -1] CLC has the best song out of all rookie groups. I'm a fan of a male idol but I'm replaying their song

5. [+6, -9] This is media-play. Don't be fooled. It's trying to brainwash us that the group is popular

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