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Jimin at a baseball match

Pann: AOA Jimin became a baseball girl


1. [+119, -94] Screw off. She's unlikable after Unpretty Rapstar

2. [+92, -40] Just how big are her shoe insoles? Look how her ankle is sticking out

3. [+53, -51] She's short but with good proportions ㅋㅋ She's cute when she's shy

4. [+36, -15] People all liked her on Unpretty Rapstar because of her unique voice but all she did was showing her nasal voice and rapping the lyrics her company wrote for her. I realized the limit of idols after watching her

5. [+29, -29] Honestly, I started to like Jimin because of Unpretty Rapstar. Their editing was evil. Jimin hwaiting!!!!!!!!!!

6. [+24, -18] She's the definition of a sly fox

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