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Zico's personalities?

Pann: Why are people saying that Zico has good personalities?

(Pann talks about Zico's scandals)


1. [+128, -106] You're looking too into the scandals. If you watch the video of the Thailand controversy, you'll see that it's not really problematic. The editing was manipulated and the reason why he said $7 was because his actual monthly income was $15 and someone told him to donate the half of his monthly income. That's why he said $7. He's a very nice person, you can see it on 4 Things Show. He's responsible and people praise him. You can tell his values in his mixtape

2. [+108, -41] I'm a BBC but I never thought he had good personalities. He's just a little more responsible than the guys around his age

3. [+70, -87] I think Block B fans are trying to pass an image of a good person ㅋㅋ I'm not trying to bash or anything but I never see him having good personalities. It's good that he's working hard with his strong mentality but that doesn't tell that he has good personalities ㅋㅋ I don't think Block B has good personalities. If they were female idols, they would've been at T-ara's level

4. [+50, -32] Good personalities? ㅋㅋ If they were a girl group, they would be over already

5. [+43, -29] I think the same. I know that he worked hard to achieve his dream and I know that he can rap. But I don't really like him because of Thailand controversy and putting down disabled people. Just because he shaved his head once, it doesn't mean that his mistakes will go away... I don't understand when people say he has good personalities

6. [+40, -8] He's responsible, but he doesn't have good personalities

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