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Top 7 best male vocalists chosen by Chinese people

Pann: Korean top 7 best male vocalists chosen by Chinese people

The One
Kim Bum Soo
Park Hyo Shin
Im Jae Bum
Kim Kyung Ho


1. [+123, -2] The One is a total trash, he should be buried ㅋㅋ Instead of bashing innocent female idols, bash The One


"When TVXQ were 5 members, The One taught them singing and hit them with a ski pole until it broke. He proudly talked about it in an interview."

2. [+105, -1] The One is a total trash. He cleaned his image after I'm A Singer. I approve his singing talent but his personalities are the worst

3. [+89, -4] I don't understand why people disagree with Guckkasten. His genre is not public friendly but he's an amazing singer

4. [+36, -1] King ㅠㅠㅠㅠ <3


5. [+32, -0] God Hyo Shin <3

6. [+31, -22] It's as meaningless as top 3 vocalists ㅋㅋ I disagree with The One the trash and Guckkasten

7. [+28 -0] Hyo Shin God

8. [+21, -0] God Hyo Shin

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