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Idols that got injured at Idol Athletic Championship

Pann: Idols that are injured at Idol Athletic Championship
Beast Doojoon
EXO Tao (Jackson and Kangin treated him)
GOT7 Jackson (Fell down with Eunkwang)
1. [+150, -7] Jackson treated Tao when he got injured but in the next match, Jackson got injured and was taken to a hospital ㅠㅠ Idol Athletic Championship needs to be cancelled
2. [+133, -10] Why don't they cancel this show? Tao-ya ㅠㅠ I'm so touched with Kangin and Jackson
3. [+115, -8] Tao is injured? How serious is this? Even Jackson? Hul... close friends got injured together ㅠㅠ
4. [+41, -0] Doojoon's knee was originally not good but he still played ㅠㅠ IAC idiots, this show needs to be cancelled
5. [+37, -0] MBC idiots are the most pathetic ones ㅋㅋㅋ They don't allow fans film fancams but on Weekly Idol, they only play fancams ㅋㅋ
6. [+34, -0] And yet they released an article and said that no one is injured...

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