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Family-like idol groups

Pann: Which groups do you think are family-like?

1. [+275, -16] Infinite, B2ST, Apink, BTOB, Block B. I burst into laughter when I heard that Zico dated Park Kyung's ex-girlfriend when they were in elementary school

2. [+256, -23] Sunggyu was asked when he was bored of his members. He answered, "do you ever get bored by your family?"

3. [+209, -26] Infinite

4. [+106, -1] It's Shinhwa ㅋㅋ Do you think it's easy to be together for 17 years... They paid for each other's debt and takes care of each member's parents' birthdays


5. [+83, -11] Infinite!! The reason why I like Infinite is because of their family-like friendship


6. [+81, -1] Infinite, B2ST, BTOB, Apink, B1A4

7. [+79, -5] Cube line seems to be very close with their fellow members

8. [+70, -21] ShiBeaIn

9. [+70, -4] Hm


10. [+66, -2] Infinite for me!! I can see that they're comfortable with each other. And I also think Block B and B2ST are very close, seeing how the maknaes behave to the hyungs


11. [+63, -73] SNSD <3 I think I'll get a lot of downvotes


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