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[Girl talk] Do you pee in the shower?

Pann: Something that's not understandable in women's shower culture

Q: "Do you pee in the shower?"

Hyori: Yes

John Park gets a menboong

Lady Jane: Also yes

John Park gets a second menboong


1. [+121, -14] Am I the only one who pees in the shower?

2. [+98, -11] You can just crouch down and pee into the hole and wash it afterwards. That's what I do

3. [+82, -7] I always have to pee in the shower. Us women have to sit on the toilet to pee and it feels disgusting to sit on it because I can feel the water on my legs and butt

4. [+46, -2] There's nothing wrong with peeing in the shower, why are you guys criticizing?

5. [+44, -10] I just pee in the shower. What's the point of sitting down on the toilet to pee? It feels gross

6. [+40, -8] It's harder for women to hold the pee because water easily enters the urethra in the shower. So we need to pee often in the shower. I mostly need to pee 2~3 times

7. [+33, -0] I pee before taking a shower

8. [+28, -1] ㅋㅋ It's not a culture, it's just a habit

9. [+26, -17] But don't you smell the pee? I still wouldn't feel comfortable even if I wash the floor... Why are you so lazy to just sit on the toilet? I don't think it's a culture

10. [+25, -44] Hul?? Why would you pee in the shower??? Then what's the point of the toilet?

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