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Bomi exaggerates her meokbang on Real Man?

(Meokbang means "eating broadcast")

Pann: Shocking responses to Bomi's meokbang of Real Man from a male-dominant site

(Comments point out how her meokbang is exaggerated)


1. [+470, -244] Meokbang is not about eating prettily, it's eating deliciously ㅋㅋ I think this male site doesn't know it. Honestly, Bomi is famous for her meokbang. I'm not a fan but even I know it

2. [+433, -236] Woah the responses are so harsh. I actually like Bomi because she looks natural

3. [+407, -240] Her meokbang is the true meokbang, though. It's a pity that Bomi gets compared to Hyeri on Real Man

4. [+295, -156] I don't want to bash or anything but isn't she exaggerating? Who would eat three pieces of ddukbokki at the same time?

5. [+204, -38] I think she's doing it on purpose because Hyeri's meokbang got popular. No one actually tilts their head when eating unless they're eating noodle. You can eat ddukbokki easily

6. [+172, -31] I'm not bashing Bomi but it does look exaggerated. Who would eat three pieces of ddukbokki like that? I never believe girl groups' meokbang anyways. It's impossible that she usually eats like this when she's so skinny. Nine Muses said that they don't even have a proper meal because they're avoiding to get fat. It looks exaggerated

7. [+155, -27] Isn't it obviously exaggerating? No matter how hungry you are, you're definitely not going to eat three pieces of ddukbokki at the same time

8. [+131, -41] Honestly, Hyeri's meokbang looked delicious and it didn't look desperate. But the responses seem too harsh

9. [+120, -30] I like Bomi but I think she's trying to get popular by meokbang. Who in the world would three pieces of ddukbokki at once? She's eating like that because she's in front of cameras

10. [+112, -13] Even homeless people eat one piece at one time ㅋㅋㅋ I'm sure the soldiers would know how crappy ddukbokki is in the military. Eating three pieces at once is obviously exaggerated, Bomi fangirls

11. [+100, -12] She's exaggerating

12. [+94, -10] I actually saw her attempts. As they were training, she kept asking when the meal time was and did some aegyo

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