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Characteristics of SM vocalists

Pann: Characteristics of SM main vocalists
SNSD Taeyeon
You'd think her voice is common, but you actually never find a voice like hers
SHINee Jonghyun
Unique voice, which is different from Taeyeon
Super Junior Ryeowook
Very clear voice
F(x) Luna
Her voice sounds different in every song
EXO Chen
Sings high notes easily
Red Velvet
Fresh, cool voice
1. [+189, -86] Haters say that Taeyeon's voice is common and bland, but a voice like hers is not common. You can see it when you hear her singing
2. [+173, -35] I personally love Chen and Liyin's Chinese version of Breath ㅠㅠ The Chinese sounds like Korean for some reason. I hope to hear more of their duet songs again
3. [+156, -73] Taeyeon looks the prettiest when she sings. Please keep it up and I'm anticipating for your upcoming solo album! Be happy, SM vocalists <3

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