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Blind items of an idol trying to leave his group + dating rumors

Instiz: [Off The Record] Very famous idol member is trying to withdraw... A fight for contract termination might occur...

- These days, there are a lot of fights for contract termination between companies and artists. There seems to be another one. This time, it's a big company A and a very famous idol group member B. B is currently speaking up to withdraw from his group. Because of B, A has stopped all of the group's promotions. A never had contract controversies, so they're trying to persuade B to keep their good image as a company. They have no regret in letting B go but they're trying to protect the company's image. The insiders are waiting for B to file a lawsuit.

- C and D are publicly in a relationship. People are suspicious of them because their reactions are overreacted to their break-up rumors. This situation applies to the proverb "a thief feels guilty of himself." Because of their overreacted responses, their break-up rumors are getting more believable. C already had refused to answer all questions regarding to his relationship at official conferences. And when D is asked of C, she jumps and answers, "why are you doing this to me?!" Their company(s) stepped up and said they're still dating. It's like they broke up but they didn't. We should be reminded that strong denial is equal to confirmation.

- E was caught in dating rumors recently. He strongly denied the rumors, but it's said that he's actually dating the rumored woman. E was actually going to confirm his dating rumors, but decided to deny it for his girlfriend's identity. She was digged by Netizen CSI so she asked him to deny the dating rumors, and E coolly listened to her. It's because they have no thoughts on getting married. Anyways, their relationship is still on going.

- F and G were caught in dating rumors, and the reason is quite funny. It's because of their names. G was once caught in dating rumors with a guy and it eventually faded away. The guy turned out to have a similar name to F, so G and F had dating rumors. F and G became friends after doing a joint stage in the past so they were friendly to each other, which added fuel to their rumors.

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