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96, 97, 98 lines

Pann: New idol 96~98 lines

96 line

Apink Oh Hayoung

GFriend Yerin

Red Velvet Joy

GOT7 Youngjae

AOA Chanmi

Lovelyz Jin


97 line

Lovelyz Soojung

GFriend Yoojoo

GFriend Eunha

Bangtan Boys Jungkook

Sonamoo New Sun


98 line

GFriend Shinbi

GFriend Umji

Lovelyz Yein


1. [+260, -19] I'm not an anti of GFriend but they don't look like idols...

2. [+144, -49] Thank you for mentioning Lovelyz <3 They still have cheek fat so they're cute

3. [+113, -22] Hayoung, Joy, and New Sun are pretty... I'm honestly a fangirl of Hayoung so I might be biased but she's always pretty to me ㅠㅠ

4. [+72, -37] Ohphrodite

5. [+55, -29] Yein slays 98 line

6. [+51, -12] I'm not a fan but Lovelyz is pretty... They're still at their debut, they will look daebak in the future

7. [+49, -7] GFriend is the ugliest rookie group. Red Velvet, Lovelyz, and Sonamoo are all pretty

8. [+45, -2] I like Hayoung and joy ㅋㅋ

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