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YG's new girl group Kim Jisoo

Pann: YG's new girl group Kim Jisoo


1. [+105, -4] She looks like Kim Yewon

2. [+102, -7] I pity YG girl group. 3 years ago, they were media-played to debut but Kim Eunbi left, WIN show started, Winner debuted... In the last month, they said they're going to debut for sure and that GD is working on their music but it's iKON's turn... Jisoo-ya, be happy

3. [+92, -46] She's not considered pretty? I've never seen a girl who's as pretty as her

4. [+43, -4] She looks a bit like Tang Wei in the last gif. I think her looks are more suited for acting

5. [+39, -4] People always mention Yoona, Suzy, and Sulli but do you think they were as pretty when they debuted? They got prettier as they got cares. She's not debuted yet and she's natural. She's considered really pretty

6. [+39, -6] She's Tang Wei + Yewon... I really like her looks. She can be an actress... She'll be issued by her visual like Suzy. Once again, YG releases a daebak visual after TOP


7. [+36, -65] A face to beat Yoona, Suzy, Sulli

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