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Female idols who can't sing

Pann: Female idols who can't sing










1. [+180, -37] Seriously, even if you're a fan, don't say that Naeun and Chorong have improved. Don't Apink fans know that stans make haters? At least Girl's Day fans and SNSD fans admit it. Apink fans always go, "they're better than Soshi" "they're better than Girl's Day" Don't say stuff like this. Are you guys that selfish?

2. [+119, -40] Honestly, at least these idols can actually sound their voices. They can make sounds, at least ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Sohee was really terrible. She looked like she became an idol to be an actress and yet people praise her so much ㅋㅋ I hope people praise everyone instead of being selective

3. [+111, -23] Wonder Girls Sohee couldn't sing, too... She switched to acting anyways

4. [+89, -12] It's frustrating how people are mentioning Suzy. Honestly, she's much better than these idols. If you listen to Separation in Daytime, you'll know that she can sing. She sang live on a radio a lot of times. She also sang Younha's song on Healing Camp and she was stable. She gets a lot of hate with Let It Go and honestly, she did bad. But do you know that Suzy fell down a lot of times on that day? Her ankle was bleeding so she had to band her ankle and wear a slipper when she went home. The song was hard, too. Shouldn't you praise her to be standing and singing in that situation?

5. [+87, -34] If you listen to Yoona's live at recent Tokyo Dome concert, you'll see that she improved a lot. In the ballad version of Into the New World, she can sound very well. Her voice is sweet, too ㅠㅠ She always did solo stages at concerts. They once had to sing without an instrumental music and Tiffany made Yoona sing the first note because she's good at it ㅠㅠ MR MR is heavily focused on the vocal line and Yoona improved a lot


6. [+77, -37] I personally say Yoona... Soshi debuted years ago and yet she's still the same

7. [+64, -66] You're an Apink fan, aren't you? ㅋㅋ What do you mean Naeun has a good voice? Her voice is so nasal. I'm a Suzy fan but I think Yoona has one of the prettiest voices. I also think SNSD's Into the New World is legendary and Yoona took a lot of Jessica's parts at Tokyo Dome

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