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Swedish flower boy

Pann: Flower boy's golden proportions on Guinness World Records

Björn Andrésen (Sweden)

Born on January 26, 1955

Oscar of The Rose of Versailles was inspired by him

He's now a music teacher and is teaching students


1. [+86, -4] Ah, I guess this is why women are mentioning Sweden all the time

2. [+77, -3] He's aged but he's still very handsome

3. [+34, -1] Edward Furlong is really handsome, too


4. [+15, -0] He looks like Ausniel when his facial expression is blank


5. [+15, -0] They don't find themselves handsome... Their average height is 182cm, too... And this man was randomly found on a street...


"He said he doesn't find himself handsome because he's average-looking"

6. [+13, -1] He looks like an upgraded version of Ausniel ㅋㅋ

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