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JYP praises continue

Pann: The reason why I love JYP


1. [+220, -9] JYP is everyone's target now... Journalists bash JYP and JTBC especially does it, too. A journalist said that JYP doesn't require sexual services. They're clean and responsible ㅠㅠ

2. [+118, -5] I still love JYP Nation

3. [+187, -7] Honestly, up until 2010, year-end awards and gayos were literally called JYP concerts ㅠㅠ Wonder Girls, 2PM, 2AM, and Miss A won daesangs

4. [+75, -2] People say they're old news and that they're not in Big 3 anymore, but JYP has the most public-friendly songs ㅋㅋ god, Rain, Wonder Girls... And Park Jin Young is #2 for copyright earnings in Korea. #1 is Yang Hyun Suk

5. [+74, -1] On Roommate, Park Jin Young brought Jackson's parents ㅠㅠ He paid for their plane tickets and stay expenses... The money issue aside, they're a very good company

6. [+74, -4] JYP was found with no dirt at all when they underwent investigation of tax. The investigator even said he'll respect Park Jin Young forever. I think JYP is the cleanest among Big3. The artists also seem to have good personalities

7. [+74, -10] SM and YG's artists seem like business whereas JYP is family-like

8. [+72, -3] Isn't JYP the cleanest among Big3? I'm not a fan but they have an innocent image, like kind babos

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