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Song Jihyo and Ji Sukjin's poor treatment on Running Man


Pann: I feel this when I watch Running Man

(Pann talks about how Jihyo and Ji Sukjin are poorly treated on the show)


1. [+423, -10] Female guests avoid Ji Sukjin when they do a couple race. Poor him... I also feel bad for Jihyo unnie because she fills a spot which the guests avoid. They should take care of them

2. [+326, -12] Yeah Song Jihyo gets edited out a lot and they have too many female guests, so she gets outcasted...

3. [+282, -11] I really agree. Their screen time is getting lesser ㅠㅠ They're not even shown unless they do a significant act... She got an award at entertainment awards two years ago. I feel bad because she's not treated well ㅠㅠ

4. [+126, -2] Song Jihyo always lets them win... She voluntarily loses the games. In the Bad Women episode, she brought Ji Sukjin first...

5. [+120, -2] I like Running Man but I want them to stop with the guest specials. I like thrilling episodes, like Choi Min Soo episode in the beginning ㅋㅋ The scale is getting bigger and the celebrities are coming on the show to promote their movies and dramas. It's honestly... ^^ Some female celebrities are busy taking care of their image so they act cutesy and careful. It's uncomfortable to watch them. Besides that, I want them to increase Jihyo unnie's screen time... Her visual is also jjang and she's a goddess but she's poorly treated because they have to take care of the female celebrities promoting their projects. I want them to do a fewer guest specials and make episodes with the permanent members only. When they have guests, the show centers around the guests, not the members... The captions are also about the guests and they're cringe-worthy

6. [+107, -66] I like Song Jihyo because she's pretty and cool. But objectively, she's not a funny person... Song Jihyo's screen time is mostly when she succeeds the missions by herself or when she's with Gary as Monday Couple... Gary still has a lot of screen time without Monday Couple because he's good with variety shows, but Jihyo will have much less screen time if they don't do Monday Couple. Jihyo doesn't know how to joke back to the members. It's either getting mad or laughing at them. And it's not even funny sometimes so I get embarrassed... Other members have their own characters and positions but Jihyo is nothing without Monday Couple. I want her to develop her own character

7. [+106, -1] Yes ㅠㅠ Bell race and Yoomes Bond were so funny but now, guests come every week and it's boring ㅠㅠ They only promote their dramas and films and do stupid games ㅠㅠ I want them to go back to the old episodes

8. [+97, -1] Am I the only one who finds Ji Sukjin so funny? ㅋㅋ He makes me laugh a lot, I guess other people don't find him funny

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