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Shocking original story of Cinderella


Pann: Cinderella story that children should not read

Cinderella's bad mother was originally a home teacher whom Cinderella looked up to. She used her status and used Cinderella to kill Cinderella's second mother. (Cinderella's original mother had died and she had a new mother)

Cinderella asked her new mother to search something in a box and killed her by closing the lid and breaking her neck

Cinderella's home teacher seduced Cinderella's father and married him. After marrying him, she changed completely and bullied Cinderella

While Cinderella's sisters got jewels, she asked for a piece of tree. She planted it at her original mother's grave and it grew as a big tree

A ball was being held. Her evil mother spilled beans in the stove and told her to pick them up

Suddenly, birds from Cinderella's tree came and picked the beans, but her mother still didn't take her to the ball

Cinderella went to her mother's grave. She cried and said, "please give me a dress and heels". A dress and heels fell from the tree and she attended the ball

Cinderella's heel drop was not done coincidentally. The prince had put glue on the stairs to keep Cinderella

The prince officially started to search for Cinderella with the heel she left behind

The oldest daughter didn't fit the heel because her toes were too big. The mother cut off her toes and forced her foot into the heel. She was being taken to the castle, but got caught on the way because it bled too much

The second daughter also didn't fit the heel, and she cut off the back of her foot. But just like her older sister, she also got caught by the blood

The prince eventually finds Cinderella and marries her

The mother and her sisters attend Cinderella's wedding to be liked, and Cinderella's bird eat their eyes


1. [+94, -3] It's like how Patjwi's body was fermented. Goosebumps

2. [+85, -2] Cinderella gives me chills but the original story of Kongjwi Patjwi does, too.... I got a menboong when I learned that Patjwi's body was fermented at the end

3. [+66, -0] Totally destroying the innocence

4. [+48, -0] Peter Pan's Neverland is not a magical world where people don't get old. It's actually a place for the souls of dead children. That's why they don't get old

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