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Kim Tae Hee & Suzy at Weibo awards

Pann: Kim Tae Hee and Suzy at China's Weibo awards today
1. [+81, -5] I see why Kim Tae Hee is Kim Tae Hee... Goddess
2. [+75, -2] Fan-taken picture...hah...
3. [+65, -14] Suzy is so pretty ㅠㅠ No need to say much for God Tae Hee
4. [+47, -22] Suzy loses to Kim Tae Hee when KTH is more than 30 years old. Suzy would've turned into an octopus if KTH was in her 20's. Suzy is only pretty among the idols, she doesn't have a face for acting. It's not like she can act, either
5. [+34, -2] Gif...
6. [+27, -0] Ah seriously, Kim Tae Hee is crazy
7. [+26, -9] Woah, Kim Tae Hee is prettier than Suzy when KTH is in her 30's and Suzy is in her 20's... God Tae Hee
8. [+26, -13] Why Kim Tae Hee... Look at the difference between their classes

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