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Comedian Park Ji Sun's lesson of life

Pann: I never considered myself as ugly
"I never considered myself as ugly. I think I rather look unique. I'm wearing no makeup right now. When I was in high school, I got wrong skin care so my skin was peeled off for 6 times. It hurt too much so I had to take a hiatus in high school. It again became problematic when I was in university so I couldn't wear any makeup since then. But I still decided to become a comedian. You guys know that I graduated a college of education at Korea University, right? When I was in middle and high schools, I was a slave of rote learning. I was a slave who did whatever I was told to do. I enjoyed it and worked hard. The only unique thing was that I was one of the funniest students in the class. A comedian in the dark! I was one. There was a rumor of me that said, "#1 student in the third grade is so funny!" But I didn't have a dream so I went to a university that I naturally got accepted to. University was so different. Apparently, I had to choose the courses. I got a menboong... So I made a best friend and took the exact same courses she took for four years. I spent the four years following her. I also attended an academy to get a teacher certification because she went there. It was at the 8th floor of a building in Noryang-jin. The place was very poor. The room was small, but there were 500 people just to get lessons from the very famous lecturer. One day, it was snowing! I could see Han River and Namsan Tower outside of the window. The sight was amazing! But the 500 people weren't even looking at the snow. They were busy taking notes. I sat there and watched the snow for 2 hours. I questioned myself, "even the snow looks free, but I'm not happy! Until when do I have to live as a slave?!" The question also got me thinking the last time I was happy. Do you know when it was? It was when I made 3~4 students burst into laughter in a class. I decided that this wasn't it and walked out of the academy. I walked into the door for the comedian examination and I got accepted right away. When I met the sunbaes for the first time, Ok Dong Ja, Oh Ji Hun, and Park Hwi Soon sunbaes came and said, "so it's you! You'll be the ace for this year! This kid is quite fine!" Shin Bong Sun sunbae also came and said frustratingly, "this kid beats me! How am I going to survive from now?! I envy you" and left. I get called ugly a lot in general, but in the comedian world, it's a positive response. My self-esteem naturally boosted up because I got a lot of positive responses. I'm not against plastic surgery. I think it's OK as long as it helps with gaining confidence. I think I found a place where people can love me because they love my face. I will not get my teeth done nor any work done. Everyone wants to be loved by others. Who is going to love me if I don't even love myself? I hope you guys feel the same."
1. [+447, -2] You can't get her mindset and mentality by plastic surgery
2. [+310, -2] Those who have beautiful hearts are the beautiful ones~
3. [+276, -4] Before, I also saw Park Ji Sun-ssi saying she looks unique and it started changing my mindset. I used to hide my selcas and lower my head when I see handsome people. But I started to think that I'm unique-looking, not ugly. I practiced to stop lowering my head and told myself that people are looking at me because I look unique. I worked to stand straight and care less about the stares, and I feel much comfortable now. I really like you, Park Ji Sun-ssi!
4. [+65, -1] People don't realize how beauty-centered mindset makes others tired... I also think my mind is rotten... Beauty-centered mindset can't be helped but I hope people would stop judging others' looks. I can't help but cry when she says, "who is going to love me if I don't even love myself?"
5. [+55, -0] She went to a university that she naturally got accepted to and yet it's Korea University's college of education....wow
6. [+55, -0] It's good to see Park Ji Sun's high self-esteem. I should also work hard!
7. [+37, -1] Her father is awesome and just like him, his daughter is beautiful, too
8. [+29, -0] Woah... At this moment, she looks prettier and more confident than any other woman. Jjang jjang
9. [+29, -0] She's so cool. Every sentence she says touches my heart... I always complain about my small eyes but she makes me reflect

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