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Idols with ash hair

Pann: Idols with ash hair

Block B PO

EXO Sehun

Bigbang G-Dragon

BTOB Sungjae (Ash blue)

Shinhwa Minwoo

Jaejoong (Ash blonde)


1. [+349, -248] Jaejoong beats all other kids

2. [+330, -105] Sehun's ash was really legendary...

3. [+308, -105] Hul Jaejoong is so handsome ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I got so shocked as I was scrolling down

4. [+88, -22] Sehun-ah, please go with the hairstyle again ㅠㅠ Please

5. [+87, -39] Jaejoong is a top idol visual... Honestly, you can't even compare. I saw him in real life and I was speechless. His nose was tall and he had such pale skin. I thought he was rice cake. But he was quite short and he had a big head. But he was so handsome and so skinny

6. [+77, -100] "Jaejoong beats everyone" ㅋㅋㅋㅋ TVXQ fangirls have no solution

7. [+76, -19] Omo I got a heart attack at Jaejoong

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