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Celebrities that misused SNS

Pann: Stars who got hate by SNS

Ex-member of Jewelry Jo Min Ah

She posted a picture of herself working as a patissier on SNS. It became controversial due to poor sanitation and overpriced products. She posted a clarification and closed her blog.

Actor Song Ilkook & his wife Jung Seung Yeon judge

She posted a clarification for the controversy of Song Ilkook not paying his manager properly. Her tone in the clarification came off as authoritarian attitude.

Entertainer Fabien

When ramen burgers were released, he claimed that he was the first person who came up with ramen burger. It became controversial and he said he was just joking.

Comedian Kang Yoomi

Kang Yoomi was late to an event, and she used an ambulance to quickly get there. It's an illegal act and yet she posted a picture of the ambulance on SNS. When it became controversial, she apologized and shut down her SNS.

Soccer player Ki Sung Yong

Ki Sung Yong wrote a post that made fun of Choi Kang Hee, a former coach. He was caught and he had to face criticisms. Ki Sung Yong deleted his Twitter and Facebook.


1. [+329, -60] Where's Taeyeon? Why is the company still not taking her phone away?

2. [+241, -38] (comment clarifies that Song Ilkook's wife had done nothing wrong)

3. [+199, -55] Where's Taengkoong?

4. [+88, -0] I thought it would be listed


(At a movie theater, Ahn Jung Hwan's wife watched a movie with her son on her lap, disturbing the view of the people at the back)

5. [+75, -0] Where's NC.A? Where's that iljin?

6. [+60, -11] Where's this kid? He got so much hate and got called ignorant on both male and female sites (read more)


7. [+58, -7] No IU and Anchovy? Didn't their image get really ruined? At least IU gets a lot of support now but Anchovy... ㅋㅋ

8. [+53, -5] Isn't IU the biggest case? It was so shocking. She should've gone to sleep

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