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Kyuhyun's guest house revealed to be running illegally

Instiz: Super Junior Kyuhyun's $7.3 million guest house gets caught running illegally 'under investigation'

Kyuhyun's guest house, 'Mom House', is a guest house for foreign tourists. Kyuhyun had paid $7.3 million for the building.

2~5 floors are registered as gosiwon (general accommodations) and the 6th floor is registered as accommodations for foreign tourists. But 2~5 floors are also used as accommodations for foreign tourists, which is against the law.

The number of illegal guest houses is rising due to the big increase in foreign tourists, and Kyuhyun's guest house 'Mom House' is also found to be one of them.

'Mom House' was investigated by Seoul Tourism Police and Jung-gu Office last week. The reps of Seoul Tourism Police said, "we'll summon the owners of Mom House to check the facts".

SM Entertainment said they do not know the details and avoided a statement.


- $7.3 million at a young age... Ordinary people won't even have a chance to have that amount in their entire life. I envy him

- Kyuhyun owns the building but the rep is Kyuhyun's father

- Hul... They'll be bombed with a big amount of tax. What's with SM ㅠㅠ Only 10 days are left until 2014 is over

- Kyuhyun is only the owner and his father runs the place... I don't know what he's doing with his son's name

- Why do parents block the future of their kids these days?

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