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Idols who are handsome by modern standards

Pann: Idols who are handsome by modern standards?


1. [+366, -56] The legend is Bigbang TOP. Other are Infinite L, VIXX Hongbin, ZE:A Siwan, Teen Top Chunji, Block B Jaehyo, B1A4 Gongchan, EXO Suho, Chanyeol

2. [+321, -53] If we look at their faces overall, it'd be Infinite L, Bigbang TOP, B1A4 Gongchan, and EXO Suho

3. [+233, -101] I'm non-fan. If we're not looking at their charms, I'd say Infinite L and EXO Suho

4. [+104, -4] People, can you please know the difference between standard handsomeness and opinionated handsomeness?

5. [+87, -21] EXO Suho looks like the standard handsome guy. He looks very neat

6. [+77, -14] Infinite L is very handsome. It's L, Siwan, and Suho

7. [+77, -20] L, TOP, Siwan, Suho. These four are the ones

8. [+69, -30] I approve L but I don't approve Gongchan. I don't think Gongchan is standard handsome

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