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Abnormal Summit PD says they're trying to contact Enes

Article: [SW issue] 'Abnormal Summit' Enes controversy of pretending to be a single man... His morality is on a 'chopping board'

Source: Sports World via Naver

1. [+1322, -83] "Enes cut off all the contacts and deleted his KakaoTalk account"??? He's crazy ㅋㅋㅋ I liked Enes, I'm so pissed

2. [+1216, 61] In the manipulating app of KakaoTalk, there's no function where you can fake Anipang game invitation. And the paid emoticons are not available in the manipulating app, either. But it's true that this looks manipulated because it's unbelievable. Enes needs to release a statement but he's silent. It's frustrating

3. [+1013, -50] I thought it was a witch-hunt but after listening to the KakaoTalk audio of him, I believe that it's him ㅡㅡ It doesn't make sense that he'd cut off the contacts if he's innocent. He'd do a confident interview instead

4. [+969, -81] Is he taking Koreans as a joke

5. [+836, -44] Apologize. You can't lie. I'm a fan but I was shocked at the audio ㅠㅠ

6. [+407, -11] The most sensitive issues in our country are the military and having affairs, tsk tsk. If he's at fault, he needs to apologize. Otherwise, sue the woman for false rumors

7. [+403, -21] He acted smart and all but he was an asshole who cheats on his wife? What a trash

8. [+382, -12] He cut off the contacts and deleted his KakaoTalk account. It's enough information. Bye Enes. He'll get divorced... His parents-in-law came on TV and said they treat him like a son


Article: 'Abnormal Summit' PD, "we're checking the rumors of Enes Kaya... He's not contacting back to us"

Source: TV Report Via Naver

1. [+878, -17] Quick statement is a solution

2. [+765, -26] Clarify. If you don't, then there will only be misunderstandings

3. [+674, -37] Why can't Enes be contacted ㅠㅠ Speak up before it blows up more

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