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Rumors of Enes Kaya having affairs

Pann: Abnormal Summit Enes issue that's controversial right now

On the last weekend, someone on a community site claimed that she had dated Enes, not knowing that he was married. She said she found out about his marriage after watching Abnormal Summit. She posted a long screencap of her Kakaotalk chat with Enes.


E = Enes
A = The woman

A - "(game message) I'll send you lots of hearts on Anipang!"
E - "I want a heart from you, not from stuff like this"
A - (heart emoticon)
E - (heart face emoticon)
E - "You're not answering my phone calls"
A - "ㅋㅋ Interestingly, you always call me when I go to the bathroom. Maybe we're not a fate? ㅋ"
E - "What do you mean we're not a fate" "We're a fate caught when we're stripped"
A - "Huh?"
E - "We're a much better fate"

A - (poop emoticon)
E - (shocked face emoticon)

A - "I'm pissed. I won't hang out with you"
E - "I'm not at home. I'm at Daegu for work. I would've called you"
A - "Don't mind me. I won't hang out with you"
E - "ㅠㅠ What's wrong. I'm honest. Are you really gonna be like this?

E - "Good morning baby." "How are you" "Why do you keep ignoring me ㅠㅠ"
A - "To scold your ass"
E - "ㅡㅡ" "Come and hit my butt" "I'll get hit"
A - "I'm not kidding"
E - "I'm not, either. "I'll get hit" "No?"
A - "Yes! Why do guys keep asking for photos??"
E - "I guess you have a lot of guys to send photos ㅡㅡ" "It's because I miss you ㅠㅠ"

A - "Interesting how all the guys say the same thing ㅋㅋㅋ"
E - "ㅡㅡ You must be happy"
A - "Happy? ㅡㅡ It's frustrating"
E - "Sorry. I made you upset"

E - "Hey sexy baby"
A - "Hi~"
E - "Are you alive?

E - "Sweet dreams" "the lady I miss"
A - "Goodnight"

E - "Hey baby" "How are you today?" "What are you doing" "When are you gonna stop ignoring me?" "ㅠㅠ"
A - "ㅠㅠ"
E - "???..."

A - "Did you call? I didn't know ㅠ"
E - (picture of himself)
A - "Where did you take it?"
E - "At Mireuk mountain"
A - "Good job ㅋㅋ
E - "For what?"
A - "For hiking Mireuk mountain"

E/A - (called for 45 seconds)
E - "I love you honey. Let's be together"
A - "ㅋㅋ"
E - "You made me rebel"

E - "Hey sexy baby"
A - "Hi~"
E - "You alive?"
A - "Yeah"
E - "Where are you"
A - "Japan"
E - When are you coming back?"
A - "Next week"
E - "ㅠㅠ" "Hurry up and come"
A - "Okay ㅠ"
E - "Come tomorrow" "Hang out with me" "For a week at least"
A - "What are we gonna do for a week?"
E - "Hang out with me"
A - "Wanna go to amusement park?"
E - "I thought of a park near my home ㅋㅋ" "Where's the place you're at?" "Is it close to Tokyo?"
A - "Yep it's beside Tokyo"
E - "Hm" "Should I go to see you?"
A - "Alright"
E - "ㅡㅡ" "So effortless"

E - "Happy new years. I hope you get luck, money, good news, health, unforgettable year...and don't forget me..." "I got ignored ㅠㅠ"
A - "ㅋㅋ Happy new years, Enes"
E - "You too baby"


Shorly after, there was a second person who also claimed to be another victim of Enes. She also posted screencaps of Kakaochat with Enes (which I will omit from translating).
1) She posted a several photos of Enes
2) She said she knows Enes' Kakaotalk ID and phone number
3) She said Enes didn't tell his real name and lied that he was Nick. His Kakaostory (which is now deleted) and Kakaotalk ID was NS.K
4) Enes had told her that he was half Turkish and half Italian. She barely watches TV so when she finally saw him on TV, she wasn't that surprised because he had told her that he did broadcast promotions as a side job. He was on TV as a Turkish person with a Turkish name so she thought he was only presenting his Turkish side. Later on, she found out that he was married.


Third person:

1) She had changed her phone this summer so she lost her Kakaotalk chat and his phone number
2) She was introduced to Enes by her friend at December last year. He said he was Nick, 29 years old, and an Italian person. She doubted that his looks were Italian so she kept asking him but he didn't deny. She found him in a film 'Haunters' so she asked him if it was him, which he denied.
3) He didn't show any sign of a married man so she and her friends all thought he wasn't married.
4) She remembered him saying on kakaotalk that she had nice breasts and butt
5) He drove a blue foreign car for 2 passengers
6) After Enes came on Abnormal Summit, it was found that he was married so the friend who introduced Enes apologized


(Some of the proof pictures from the accounts. There's also an audio of Enes talking to one of them on the phone.)


1. [+420, -96] What I don't understand is this. Before Abnormal Summit, Enes was on "자기야" and did a several broadcast promotions. He revealed that he was married, he filmed a movie, and was on SNS before Abnormal Summit. It's odd if it's true

2. [+218, -28] This is a big controversy. Whether it's true or not, Enes needs to release a statement

3. [+215, -88] He acted smart and acted like a Chosun man. If it's true, it'll be a great shock... The audio proof is totally accurate. What is he gonna do...

4. [+164, -24] I don't know about Enes but the Kakaotalk looks fake ㅋㅋ People can manipulate fake crimes as long as Kakaotalk is a proof

5. [+134, -28] What I don't understand from her is that she's trying to avoid her identity getting revealed. People can manipulate Kakaotalk with an extra phone and the dates of the pictures are not certain. The picture could be taken with a fan. I'm still confused with the audio but it's only 13 seconds and it's not a big deal. Why does she refuse to reveal herself when she's going to reveal Enes'? Shouldn't she be confident?

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