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Young Ji and Kara

Pann: Heo Young Ji honestly


1. [+238, -21] Kara's peak was over and they were on a downfall but then Heo Young Ji saved them

2. [+170, -12] I like how she works hard. She seems to have bright personalities. I fell for her when I saw her ruining herself on variety shows. It's even a waste for her to be in Kara


3. [+146, -14] Honestly, I used to dislike Kara. I wasn't interested. But I saw Youngji working hard on Roommate so I searched up and I was so surprised to find that she's a Kara member. I liked Youngji so much so I watched some clips and the unnies were so good to her! I instantly turned to like Kara and I think the unnies are so kind. I hope Kara succeeds more and promote more in Korea

4. [+42, -3] Isn't Heo Youngji the one who saved Kara when they were on a downfall? They had controversies of attitude and withdrawl but then Heo Youngji joined the group, appeared on Roommate, and saved Kara

5. [+33, -4] I used to really dislike Kara because of their bad image. Sorry Kara fans ㅠㅠ But I entered the fandom due to Youngji! She's cute, innocent and so likable ㅠㅠ It's good to see the members taking care of Youngji!


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