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Recent blind items

Instiz: Recent blind items that were posted yesterday

- 'Gambling controversy' E, he hasn't learnt and again...

E had suffered because of gambling. He suppressed himself for more than 10 years but he started showing up at gambling scenes again. He seemed to have learnt his lesson and had been focusing on his work, but he couldn't avoid the temptation. Because he's embarrassed of facing people, he wears a mask when he goes gambling domestically. When someone notices him, he says, "ssh!" with his finger and winks, which is a sign of asking not to spread it. Is this supposed to be cute or terrifying? He's not breaking any laws but concerns go to him because he might get scolded due to gambling again. 

- The person with a huge scandal is about to get married? Both sides of parents had met up

There will be a daebak star married couple. They seem to be planning to tie the knot despite the cold looks surrounding them and the big age gap. The families of the couple have processed much further. A's age is the best to get married. If he gets married to B, he will be the envy of the public. B is not interested in the entertainment industry, so their relationship is developing easily. There were a lot of controversies with their scandal but if they end up getting married, the responses are expected to change because it'll prove that their relationship was not a light one.

- Top star C's sweating armpit, his girlfriend actually...

The legend of C's 'sweaty armpit terror' is an issue. C is known for his sweaty armpit that stinks too much. His people had to suffer because of his sweaty armpit terror. If he wore a sleeveless shirt during summer, his close friends even plugged their nose and stayed away from him. He was in a relationship at some point. He bravely met up with his girlfriend right after exercising, but the girlfriend hugged C hard. C was confident and showed it off to his friends. They said, "it's either she loves you too much or she's extremely ambitious" and gave serious opinions. C was curious and worked to find the truth. Apparently, she had a severe rhinitis. This story became a legend and his friends still make fun of C with this 'embarrassment'.

- Innocent top star D, she pays back ten times more if she gets tagged

The representative of innocence, top star D's pro mind is an issue. She's very strict when it comes to work. If she gets annoyed at something at a filming scene, she has to pay back several times more to feel satisfied. If someone is late for 5 minutes, she's late for an hour after. If the actor's mouth smells when filming love scenes, she doesn't brush her teeth and goes to the set after. She never lets anything pass. It's probably because she wants others to work as hard as she is, as she's always trying the best. She'll never lose anything anywhere. She also has cool personalities and loyalty, so D is not disliked for her strict attitude

- Sensitivity goes up due to idols' traffic accidents, the companies hire professional drivers

A big change in the company culture is expected. Up until now, there were many traffic accidents of idols. The concerns to the night driving with packed schedule have gone up. Road managers strongly showed their pressure to drive, so they can't help but hire professional drivers. It's hard enough to hire the road manager who does all the tasks, but now they even have to hire separate drivers. For now, only one big company has professional drivers. It's expected to become a thing. It'd be inconvenient and pricey for the companies, but it'd have positive affects for the safety. 


- I can only think of PSY when it comes to sweaty armpit.....

- I searched up on Naver and I saw Sulli and Choiza

- I don't know the rest but the last one is good news

- I've heard D's rumor on Brave Journalists. Who are A and B though...
(TN: D's rumor on Brave Journalists was supposedly Son Ye Jin)

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