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Kyuhyun's solo album gets good responses

Article: Kyuhyun, "I didn't tell SuJu members about my solo album preparation because they might be jealous of me"


1. [+620, -45] The song's jjang good!!

2. [+577, -39] The song is so good. It's worth being #1. Kyuhyun hwaiting

3. [+436, -37] The song is good, I'm still listening to it <3

4. [+403, -33] The song is good ㅠㅠ I like his voice

5. [+394, -27] His voice is very sweet

6. [+333, -20] Hul he's the first soloist from Super Junior? SM is so mean. They gave a solo album to Taemin who's a hoobae of them ㅋㅋㅋ Yesung can also sing so he should also get a solo. Hwaiting for Kyuhyun's album. At Gwanghwamun is a good song

7. [+294, -41] Super Junior is like the standard of idols. A leader who loves his team and the members who are close. They're aiming separately and also together and they're expanding in their own fields... I think the reason why Shinhwa's still active is because of each member's talent, I think SuJu can also be a team like that... Well... To put it in words... They're not the very top but I like their friendly aura. Their albums sales are good and their digital sales are doing well, too... I thought it'd be hard for them after Sorry Sorry but looking at Kyuhyun, I think they can succeed more

8. [+219, -7] SM, the ballad line Yesung and Ryeowook need solo albums, too...

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