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What are your favorite songs?

Pann: Write down your favorite song


1. [+192, -15] Park Hyo Shin's songs are freaking sweet ㅠㅠㅠ Snow Flower is a song that everybody knows. Listen to After Love, Fool, and Good Person ㅠㅠ Park Hyo Shin also sang a lot of other artists' songs. I personally love I Love You ㅠㅠ Park Hyo Shin has the face, voice, shoulders, singing, he doesn't lack anything


2. [+117, -239] Winner's songs are all good <3 I personally like Different!

3. [+170, -216] 
EXO - Don't Go, Moonlight, Love Love Love, 365, Heart Attack, Peter Pan, Baby Don't Cry, Into Your World
Maroon 5 - Maps, Animals, Love Somebody
Adam Levine - Lost Stars
Dynamic Duo - Guilty
Ailee - Teardrop
F(x) - Goodbye Summer

4. [+115, -95] Don't comment if you're gonna suggest singers like EXO or Winner

5. [+86, -14] I don't know if it's just me but if I know a rare song, I don't want to tell people

6. [+79, -15] 
Sung Si Kyung - Every Moment of You
Beast - Drive, Midnight, I'm Sorry
Yesung - It Has To Be You
IU/Sung Si Kyung - It's You
Ailee - Ice Flower

7. [+55, -13]
Beast - How To Love
Bangtan Boys - Miss Right, Just One Day
Apink - Secret, Wishlist
EXO - Into Your World
BTOB - My Girl
Girl's Day - Show You
Hyuna - Unripe Apple
SHINee - The Distance Between Us
2Yoon - Nightmare
SNSD - Dear.Mom, Way To Go
VIXX - I Don't Want To Be An Idol
Block B - Be The Light, Movie's Over
IU - Raindrop

8. [+50, -15] Beast's 12:30 is really good

9. [+50, -16] Beast's ballad music is melting this winter~

10. [+42, -15] I'm so into Beast's ballad ㅠ Tonight I'll Be At Your Side, When I Miss You, Clenching a Tight Fist, Should I Hug Or Not, and etc. Also, EXID's songs Whoz That Girl and Every Night. I also like a pop song Slow Motion and my favorite song Learning To Love

11. [+36, -22] I recommend Beast's songs. Their voices are good, unique, and they match well. I'm Sorry, So Hot, Midnight, and Will You Be Alright

12. [+34, -1] Taylor Swift <3 Her songs are great!!


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