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Comparing idol rappers

Pann: Comparing rapping skills of idols rappers


Song Mino





1. [+226, -20] What's funny is that Chanyeol is the finest rapper in SM ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+195, -69] I think it's true that they're making Chanyeol do rapping because he can't sing

3. [+163, -25] Minho seriously can't rap

4. [+81, -11] Honestly, YG has good rappers. YG is a hip-hop company after all. The singers I like are all from YG. I don't like the company but it's true that YG has a lot of talented rappers... I'm a fan but they deserve to get criticized for their scandals. But their talent is the top... Even though hip-hop fans say GD can't rap, his music production is very amazing. GD got to where he is by his talent. The legendary songs Haru Haru, Last Farewell, Lies, and other Bigbang songs are composed by him. Honestly, Park Bom used to have a good voice, too. Only if YG artists had clean lives... ugh

5. [+62, -16] Zico >> Song Mino > Bobby > B.I=Rap Monster=Park Kyung >> Wall >>> other idol rappers

6. [+57, -7] Zico is definitely the top. He's much better than an average underground rapper. Song Mino is really good, too

7. [+55, -10] But SM focuses on ballad whereas YG has been focusing on hip-hop since Seo Taiji and Boys. Isn't it wrong to compare them? I think you should just listen to what you like

8. [+49, -40] Honestly, EXO is not that popular anymore...

9. [+42, -1] ㅋㅋㅋ Since when did SM have a rapper?

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