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4Minute & Hyuna

Pann: How 4Minute thinks of Hyuna

Q: "Aren't you sad that the focus in on Hyuna?"

Gayoon: "But that's the reason why 4Minute got attention in the first place. Realistically thinking, I don't feel jealous or sad. There are certain images that Hyuna portrays well."


1. [+70, -4] Then do you expect them to say, "yeah we feel sad" right in front of the journalist?

2. [+55, -4] Miss A and 4Minute are surviving by Suzy and Hyuna. Of course they have to hold back even if they feel jealous. At least 4Minute takes their own individual incomes but Miss A still takes Suzy's earnings....

3. [+29, -9] I'm not a fangirl of them but they're a likable group

4. [+15, -5] Hyuna stands out in 4Minute much more than Miss A in a weird way ㅋㅋㅋ Her body aside, her aura and skills(?) as a celebrity make her stand out so much. She stands out even when she she promotes as a solo, of course she would stand out much more when she promotes in a group... I'd understand if she's the leader but she's the rapper ㅋㅋㅋ Suzy's earnings are much higher but Hyuna is the best when it comes to standing out. If Hyuna doesn't want to stand out, then they should gather a several members like Hyuna and make a group. I'm not a Hyuna fan but this is how I see it. But her lack of talent is the flaw... There are a lot of pretty members in 4Minute so I think they'll get popular at some point like how Sistar Soyu did. Gayoon and Jihyun... I personally like Sohyun, she's kind and pretty! Hwaiting!

5. [+9, -0] Gayoon has such cool personalities. There was a reality show and a script writer asked Gayoon if she wasn't jealous of Hyuna's spotlight and asked Hyuna if she felt sorry. Hyuna said she honestly felt sorry and Gayoon laughed coolly and said, "hey how can we be mad at you ㅋㅋㅋ" I think Gayoon is honestly thankful of Hyuna

6. [+9, -0] I really like Sohyun! It's not like 4Minute is the trend or hits the chart roof but they're continuously promoting without big scandals. The members seem to be really close, too! I like you Sohyun... <3


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