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Woolim's girl group

Pann: Woolim's new girl group's debut


1. [+106, -17] In which way is Infinite getting SM benefits? They were popular even before merging with SM. People are misunderstanding this. They're not under SM but in SM C&C which is a part of SM. Woolim was earning alot. People are thinking that they're in SM not SM C&C and the articles are written wrongly, which caused the misunderstandings

2. [+83, -10] For Woolim, well... Starting from Kim Dong Ryul, there are Nell, Epik High, Woo Su, Pe2ny, Kang Gyun Sung, Ji Sun, Infinite, and Tasty. Woolim's girl group will be produced by Yoon Sang ㅠㅠ I hope they succeed like this

3. [+83, -10] I really trust Woolim's music. Maybe it's my type but starting from Nell, I liked Epik High's music before going to YG. I also like Infinite as a fan. I also listen to Tasty because they have different music from Infinite. I even listen to Woolim girl group's digital singles. So I'm very satisfied with their music. But I think they still lack projecting and promoting. Infinite got popular by Woolim but the fans are still worried about media-play. Excessive media-play gets negativity but a decent amount of media-play will affect their digital ranks. But they never do media-play. We could say it's their pride but I find it frustrating why they have to take a hard path when there's an easy way to go. Honestly, it's a miracle that Infinite became this popular. I hope Woolim's girl group succeeds and I'll even buy their albums if it's worth it. But if Woolim is being like "get popular from the bottom with nothing!" like they did to Infinite or have an yearly comeback like Tasty, then it'll be hard to expect a success like Infinite. Infinite is Woolim's main earning source so it's right that they have to promote mainly. But I'm thankful how the articles are written as "Woolim girl group" or "female Infinite". I know how hard it was for them to get popular and I think it's right to use a company sunbae if they're useful. I don't think it's negative. I hope they do well as the first girl group

4. [+33, -4] There are fangirls so don't worry. Honestly, it'll even be beneficial for Infinite if the girl group succeeds... I hope the Inspirits like them

5. [+25, -1] I'm so proud. As an Inspirit, I can see how big Woolim is now and they're building a better building. The girl group has 8 members and it's produced by Yoon Sang. I love you Woolim... The CEO, staff and managers are all kind and I just really love Woolim

6. [+22, -1] Jin and Baby Soul don't need to be explained more ㅋㅋ Jong Yup CEO prepared this since 5 years ago and he debuted an unit and solos first. It's produced by Yoon Sang so we don't need to worry about the quality of the music. Doesn't this show that they're confident? If you're interested in Woolim, then we all know that most Woolim artists can sing. Anyways, they'll suck out my bank account twice more, ugh

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