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Millenium Boy's member in charge of Luhan leaves his group, EXO's Battle Royale, "we are one"?

Instiz: EXO's copycat group 'Millenium Boy' Luhan decides to leave

Millenium boy is a Thai cover group that copies everything of EXO, including outfits, signatures, and concepts. They open fansigns and have street concerts. (click to read more)

The member who's marked with a star is in charge of Luhan. He's leaving Millenium Boy after the news of Luhan's departure

This member was in charge of Kris. He left his group after Kris left EXO


- What are these kids ㅋㅋㅋ Just stick to doing covers... It's almost scary

- He suddenly got unemployed

- Can they stop? I hate how they're getting attention out of this

- So scary... Are they like a newer version of sasaengs?


Instiz: EXO's Battle Royale


- This is too much... so mean

- Some people were calling it 'EXO survival'... I wanted to hit them

- Are they parodying the movie Battle Royale? It's too much


Instiz: Do they mean that they'll end up as one person by "we are one"? 

EXO gallery: "Do they mean that they'll end up as one person by "we are one"?


- It's a fan's post who's having a menboong ㅠㅠ

- Hwaiting, EXO fans!

- If I was a fan, I'd also have a menboong. How many controversies are there within a year?

- ㅋㅋㅋ So who'll be the one?

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