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Tyler Kwon's ex-girlfriend Gillian Chung gets asked about Jessica & Tyler Kwon

Article: Tyler Kwon's ex-girlfriend Gillian Chung, "tell me when he gets married with Jessica"

Gillian Chung was asked about Tyler Kwon and Jessica's marriage rumors. She answered,

"Really? Please tell me again when they get married. I'll congratulate them." "I haven't contacted Tyler Kwon in a long time so I don't really know about his situation."


1. [+509, -7] "Tell me again when they get married" = "Let's see if they'll get married"

2. [+471, -58] She's much prettier than Jessica...

3. [+354, -15] I've never seen a positive post about Tyler Kwon. I see why SM and SNSD tried so hard to stop Jessica

4. [+61, -6] Looking at how this is going, Jessica seems to be making mistakes

5. [+47, -2] I think this unnie is smart? I think she got her feet off of it after living with Kwon-ssi

6. [+47, -10] I think she's sarcastically making fun of them

7. [+32, -3] An experienced person is strongly saying 'no way'

8. [+29, -18] She could easily win Jessica's face

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