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Opinions turn against Jessica

Pann: The picture of Jessica's Blanc business proposal. What is Tyler really trying to do?

AKP article:

The media outlet Sports World got their hands on 'BLANC's business plan but that the content of it seems to be somewhat lacking. Other than emphasizing Jessica's role in the line and her potential as a designer, there wasn't any special aspect to the business plan, 'Sports World' claims. They also say they met with a man who was given an opportunity to invest in 'BLANC' by Tyler Kwon.

This man said, "When I received the business proposal, besides the fact that it's by Girls' Generation's Jessica, there wasn't any other merit to it so I turned down the offer for investment." The media outlet also says one of their other sources also pointed out his suspicions about Tyler Kwon. A source who hangs out with Tyler apparently told them that despite having the title of being the CEO of Coridel Group, "[He] acts like he is a third generation chaebol, but it's hard to see him as a man of wealth since he frequently asks his acquaintances to lend him 50~100 million KRW . He is part of an investment company, but it should be looked into to find out what business it is that he supposedly made successful."

'Sports World' then goes on to point out that Tyler Kwon is notorious in Hong Kong as a 'scandal maker' due to his past relationship with singer and actress Gillian Chung. They say there are rumors that he purposely approached Gillian Chung so that he can gain a foothold in the Hong Kong business world. Their relationship was very public and it was thought that they might even get married, but they broke up. He then approached Jessica, the media outlet claims.

Supposedly, Jessica and Tyler's meeting was like a scene out of a movie. Jessica was shopping in Hong Kong, but fell into a dilemma as she had maxed out her credit card, this was when Tyler Kwon came to the rescue and paid for her. 'Sports World' says Jessica fell for him, but Tyler was not very considerate towards Jessica in that he would post various pictures on his SNS accounts despite their relationship being a secret. The media's sources commented, "Usually, investors don't like drawing public attention, but [he] is very aggressive about marketing himself. He will even sometimes purposely go hang out at places where he knows there are reporters," hinting that this might be the reason why Hong Kong paparazzi were able to spot the two multiple times.

'Sports World' then asks the questions whether the two will be able to make 'BLANC' a success and whether they will get married happily, before concluding with the statement, "The one to be most concerned about is Jessica. The Girls' Generation Jessica we loved, her current situation is precarious."


1. [+102, -2] I think Jessica will be backstabbed. Seems like she'll be used by Tyler Kwon. He approached his ex-girlfriend in a very natural way and he did the same thing with Jessica. We never know when Jessica will be backstabbed. I think Jesica will really regret this.

2. [+97, -3] SM is smart. I think SM knew this and kicked Jessica out because it might affect SNSD. Tyler Kwon is a swindler 

3. [+89, -2] Jessica will get backstabbed by Tyler Kwon... Do something before your credit goes down

4. [+42, -0] Honestly, I can only think Jessica was being selfish with doing both SNSD and her business. And it's obvious that Tyler Kwon is not a trustful guy, he has a past. I'm sure Tyler Kwon is frustrated because Jessica is kicked out of SNSD. He doesn't love Jessica, he's trying to succeed his business using SNSD's Jessica. But now he might run away because Jessica is kicked out of the group. Then Jessica could face the most miserable situation where she gets dumped by her friends and her lover

5. [+42, -0] I think Tyler Kwon is using Jessica. Tyler Kwon is not a chaebol but she seems to be thinking wrongly. She could've started a small business, run the business in SNSD, and expand her business when SNSD ends. Then she could've gone to school to study designing. I really don't understand why she rushed... Isn't it going to be a big problem if her business fails? Business is not a joke...

6. [+33, -0] Honestly who would buy a pair of non-brand sunglasses that cost $270? At a duty free shop, you could get a popular brand pair with the same amount of money. It's better to run a brand editor shop


Pann: This is the answer of Jessica's situation

[+3319, -93] 8 members first congratulated her business but the reason why they later told her to choose SNSD or business is largely because of Tyler Kwon. If he's a swindler, then SNSD might have to pay for more than 10 billion won because the business has SNSD's title. They all might get their lives screwed up. They decided this had to be stopped

- The stories of Jessica paying loyalty is a total bull... She started her business on August, do you think she's already calculating her earnings?? This is not some small store... I'm sure she didn't even earn the invested money


1. [+117, -11] I honestly don't understand why people support Jessica and bash the 8 members. This is obviously Jessica's fault but the 8 members are seen at the bitches... Jessica... tsk tsk

2. [+112, -9] I know that the antis are taking the chance and hating on SNSD but this is obviously Jessica's fault. The 8 members didn't dump her, it's Jessica who dumped SNSD. She said she was gonna leave SNSD but after meeting up with a lawyer, she changed her statement and said she was gonna promote in SNSD (to use SNSD's name in her business). She didn't even participate in practices because of her business and she got back from New York with her boyfriend a day before the schedule. SNSD had a meeting because Jessica's priority was not SNSD anymore but even before the meeting ended, she flew to overseas. The members had the meeting to protect SNSD, how would they feel... She made the other members as the bitches on SNS. I'm sure the members tried to stop her until the end. But Jessica didn't listen so they made her choose to protect SNSD. I really don't understand why SNSD's tears are called fake

3. [+109, -7] After this situation broke out, entertainment journalists talked about it. They were talking about how Jessica's first priority was SNSD's promotions but they said, "but us entertainment journalists can't take this seriously" and laughed. They're entertainment journalists and yet they came on TV and talked like this... It's obvious by now

4. [+39, -2] From an objective perspective, 95% of it is Jessica's fault. If Jessica was Taeyeon, people wouldn't be defending her at all ㅋㅋ

5. [+38, -5] I'm so disappointed with Jessica, it's so disgusting how she's pretending to be the victim. I hope her business flops hard


Pann: The posts that are talking about SNSD Jessica's truth

1. [+110, -25] I don't understand why the 8 members are getting hate. It's Jessica who let SNSD go first. The 8 members accepted it and supported Jessica's needs. But they're seen as bullies who kicked a member out. Jessica clearly said, "as I was congratulated by other members" and proved it. I'm sure she did something that lost her credibility to other members. The members have enough money to live forever after quitting SNSD. What jealousy do they have to kick her out? I'm sure there are reasons and the 8 members didn't even speak yet

2. [+102, -15] Jessica proved that her business was congratulated by the other members. She also said that she explained her business in details to make her company and her members understand. The members knew her business' scale and the company had to approve it because they couldn't stop her business legally. When Jessica had conflicts with the members, she again proved that she got permission from her company. Jessica invested more money than Tyler for Blanc and she still hasn't earn much to get the invested money yet. But the members were jealous of the risky business? It's even more convincing to say they were afraid of getting SNSD's image affected in case her business fails. People also seem to be mistaking about New York. Before the members came to a conclusion at the meeting, Jessica flew to New York. It's a must to practice before fan meetings but Jessica didn't even spare her time for that. The official schedules which we see are not everything. There are unofficial schedules like practicing, meetings, and rehearsals. There's a flaw to claim that Jessica was working hard in SNSD just because she attended all the official schedule

3. [+85, -14] I think Jessica got permission but her behavior afterwards was the problem because they all approved her business at first. Otherwise, this should've broke out earlier. Jessica's behavior is the problem because SNSD wasn't her first priority anymore. This is where they had conflicts. What kind of a celebrity would just appear a day before the fan meeting tour? I think I'd also get mad and tell her to go off to her business? And Jessica also targeted the members on Weibo, she's the same

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