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Lee Jong Suk's visual in the teaser of Pinocchio

Article: 'Pinocchio' Is this really Lee Jong Suk? The teaser reveals the shocking messy hair


1. [+497, -37] So he looked handsome because of the right hairstyle...

2. [+448, -97] Fan: "Oppa, here's a gift for you!!"
Big star Lee Jong Suk: "Screw off! I'm a big star!"

3. [+277, -44] Are you copying Song Samdong?

4. [+44, -18] He can't act but he always takes the lead roles

5. [+40, -13] Why does he look like he'd shake my hand off?

6. [+38, -14] He got popular because his weak looks looked kind but he turned out to be so annoying

7. [+37, -13] Oh who is this? Isn't this Lee Jong Suk the space big star?

8. [+34, -13] I'm a girl but I don't know why people like Lee Jong Suk so much. His nose looks so fake especially. It reminds me of Michael Jackson and the characters in Death Note. It doesn't look good

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