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B.A.P takes a suspicious hiatus

Article: B.A.P takes a hiatus... cancels their South America tour on November


1. [+539, -16] Celebrities have to promote more at the end of the year. It doesn't make sense to take a hiatus at the timing... There must be some other reason

2. [+419, -6] Did something happen?

3. [+386, -8] Even though they're saying that they'll take a rest, it seems suspicious...

4. [+320, -22] They didn't have a good vibe lately... Come back after resting. And they need to stop promoting aboard and increase their domestic popularity. Their fandom is okay but the company can't promote them well so their popularity is not increasing

5. [+220, -56] Ok...

6. [+86, -2] I think the members have conflicts. TS would never let the kids take a rest like this

7. [+76, -6] Do they have internal conflicts? They're even cancelling a planned schedule... This can't just be a normal rest

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