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Abnormal Summit apologizes + Kimigayo found to be played also in the first episode

Article: 'Abnormal Summit' reps apologize for the bgm of kimigayo, "it was a mistake by the staff"


1. [+6826, -114] How can they make that kind of a mistake...

2. [+5834, -115] The casts are a waste. You can't really consider it as a mistake...

3. [+4350, -118] Ah... Seriously don't make this kind of a mistake

4. [+4436, -340] It's not a mistake, it was intended ㅋㅋ It'd be considered a mistake if it was done once but if the same thing gets repeated, then it's intended... It gives me goosebumps how the Japanese collaborators are promoting without being unseen

5. [+3004, -109] Ah.......

6. [+1288, -26] Mistake? Excuse me, you wouldn't make this kind of a mistake even if you play a random song without even knowing the name of the song. It's obvious that they saw "kimigayo" and played it. They played it and they're now trying to pass it by writing a few sentences of an apology? It's not even funny

7. [+1201, -22] Are you sure this is a mistake? Reveal who played the song and why they chose it to play

8. [+1251, -125] I never thought I would hear kimigayo on the broadcast in my life. I really liked Abnormal Summit and I'm so disappointed. This is a legendary broadcast accident. Cancel the show, this should not be passed. I swear there will be some people who are defending this

9. [+1127, -19] What a crazy act... Do they not have any knowledge of history? Did they not write a test to work at the broadcast station?


Article: Abnormal Summit uses kimigayo for the BGM, "this is too much as a mistake"

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1. [+549, -15] The apology looks so effortless. If the staff has some thoughts, then they should cancel the show and get the penalty or give up their Korean citizenship. And don't say it was a mistake. Didn't they search 'kimigayo' when inserting the song? If they didn't know the meaning behind kimigayo, then it's a big wrongdoing of ignorance. This can never be forgiven as a Korean and it's upsetting enough for the ancestors who fought for the independence to be walking out of their coffins.

2. [+465, -29] It's like they're saying "yeah we're apologizing, now shut up~". Bye~ I won't watch the show anymore. I watched it after it was broadcasted but I won't even do that anymore

3. [+432, -10] The apology sounds so efortless

4. [+54, -2] Kimigayo was played for the first time after the independence. Whether it was a mistake or not, they should cancel the show and get the penalty

5. [+46, -0] Do they think this issue will be passed by writing on Facebook? Woah I think they're totally insane. They won't even have the right to oppose getting shot in their heads


Article: 'Abnormal Summit' Kimigayo was also in the first episode... The episode is not playable anymore

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(Abnormal Summit stopped the re-play service of the first episode)


1. [+510, -17] Isn't this a predicted problem since people went crazy over Empress Ki? People said it's okay as long as it's fun? ㅋㅋㅋ A drama can but a variety show can't? Empress Ki won the best drama award and 7 awards at MBC acting awards. This is the reality of our country. It shows how the awareness of history has dropped to the bottom. Not just the variety show that played kimigayo, but all of us have to reflect

2. [+433, -21] I never thought I would turn my back on the show because of this kind of an issue. I guess they were blind because the ratings went high. They must've thought they could pass the controversy because a lot of people enjoy the show. I like Jun Yoo Sung and G11 but I have nothing to say about the staff's stupidity. And the controversy is about kimigayo... The ancestors who are resting at the sky will punch the ground and cry. Are you not embarrassed for the people who sacrificed their lives to make kimigayo banned in Korea... I won't even watch the re-plays of the show anymore

3. [+330, -5] If a Korean becomes a panelist of the show, he won't be any different from Zhang Yuan. He won't show the hatred and won't say the stories straight away but the 1900's is hurtful enough to make us cry. If we go further than that, we also have a hurtful history from China... People are forgetting about this because it's all good now but there's a limit to forgetting a history... People forgot about it during Empress Ki but at that time, China was no different from Japan's imperialism. But people claimed that we should forget about it because it's centuries ago. Japan's imperialism was less than a century ago but did we already forget? The past is not cleared yet, the anger is still here, and the pain is still hurt. And I don't understand how this issue was caused by Korean staff, not a Japanese person. If they're going to issue many cultures, than they should know the history. They should be careful of other countries' cultures but they weren't even aware of their own culture and played kimigayo... especially when they were introducing a Japanese person... They don't know anything and yet they're issuing other cultures... How would they know anything about other cultures when they're ignorant about our country's culture which is extremely sensitive?

4. [+50, -0] For the very first time since the independence, the broadcast is playing kimigayo. I'm speechless. Just cancel the show. If they've played this twice, then it's the same as saying Korea could still be a Japanese colony without even realizing it

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