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Jessica & SNSD continued

Pann: Elaborations of SNSD's current situation

Jessica opened up her business.

Her business started with SNSD's image + Tyler Kwon's money.

But it wasn't easy for her to do both SNSD and her business, so she told SM that she was going to leave SNSD after one more album.

But the other members did not like how Jessica was going to use SNSD's image and leave the group when they themselves couldn't get anything from it.

The members argued to Jessica but Jessica already negotiated her business with SM so she told the members to talk to SM.

The memers told her to leave now if she was going to leave, and SM agreed with them.

Jessica wasn't planning to leave now but she has to, so she wrote on her Weibo


1. [+119, -25] I'm more shocked at how all SNSD members agreed with kicking her out

2. [+73, -5] Woah... good points

3. [+69, -3] This is right

4. [+26, -2] Were they really only a business relationship for eight years? I think there's more complicated stuff going on

5. [+24, -1] I feel bad for Krystal the most. Her group member is digging her own grave and her sister is on bad terms with the company

6. [+24, -1] I read a lot of posts but I think this post is the most understandable one. This should be a top Pann...


Pann: I think I know why Jessica got kicked out

1. [+200, -53] It's not like Jessica didn't renew her contract, it's the members who complained in the first place. Jessica already negotiated her business earnings with SM. Doesn't this tell that the members are the problem?

2. [+196, -99] Jessica was the one who said she was leaving the group after one more album. Her boyfriend follows her to every schedule. They had a fan meeting today but she arrived in the night on the 29th with her boyfriend. How does this make the other members feel? Are you saying that it doesn't matter as long as she attends her schedule? I'm sure the other members felt that Jessica was not focusing on the group promotions because she's more focused on her business and her boyfriend. I don't understand why people are saying the eight members are the bitches just because Jessica got kicked out

3. [+95, -11] I can't believe this. 2014, especially SM and SNSD ㅠㅠ I'm more worried at how bigger controversies could be there...

4. [+70, -3] Jessica was so smart. She knew SNSD was going downhills so she started her business and made a new path. She used SNSD's image well, paid the loyalty to SM, did a clear negotiation, and did all SNSD's promotions while expanding her business. And the reason why SNSD started flopping is because of other member's dating rumors ㅋㅋㅋ But they still kicked her out, Eight Girls' Generation, tsk tsk

5. [+46, -2] Kangin did a three combo of drunk driving, beating, and a pig but he still didn't get kicked out. The members even defended him. But SNSD has none of it ㅋㅋㅋ They're kicking her out because they're not getting any money from it

6. [+41, -5] I feel so sympathetic for SNSD cockroach fans... If she had problems with SM, then SM would've kicked her out of the company. Jessica clearly mentioned the company and the eight members, and yet you're still saying the nine members are bonded ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


Pann: What if innocent Seohyun and Yoona admitted it

1. [+122, -6] Honestly, celebrities are all about image. We don't know if they're truly innocent and we don't know if Soshi members are all close. We never know the entertainment industry

2. [+90, -13] Well~ Do you really think they're like real friends or sisters? They're only co-workers. They can leave if they have different thoughts or standards. They're only looking for benefits. Who knows, Seohyun might be the fox one

3. [+89, -4] How do we know if they're innocent or not? Did we ever guess that Taeyeon and Hyoyeon would be that type of people? We never predicted Jessica's situation, either. Soshi fans are all fooled

4. [+35, -1] Ugh... Don't talk if you don't know anything. Seohyun's image is mostly made-up. She said her role model is Ban Ki Moon because she wanted to be a diplomat but she didn't even know what the foreign service exam is. The students who were studying for the foreign service exam were really pissed at that time. Also, before Taeyeon got into her controversies, she was chosen as one of the celebrities with good personalities because of her pretty and cute looks ㅋㅋ What you see from the screen is not always true. I think Yoona is kind because she volunteers a lot but we never know unless we personally know her. It's not just Jessica's fault. SNSD had many rumors of having bad relationships. And for SNSD's CFs, it's mostly because of their dating rumors and the changes the CF companies wanted to make. We don't know whether Jessica renewed her contract for her business is true or not. If Jessica renews her contract, would she earn more from her new business or from SNSD? How the other members kicked her out because of money shows that they're 100% business members. Don't just blame Jessica. This is not the fault of one side

5. [+26, -1] Who says Yoona is innocent ㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+24, -2] I actually never thought Seohyun was that innocent... I think Yoona's personalities are common but Seohyun is just...


Pann: SM released their official statement

1. [+85, -52] She said she was going to leave but she blamed the members? I'm so dumbfounded

2. [+80, -26] People are saying that it doesn't matter as long as she didn't miss a schedule but her boyfriend follows her to every schedule and she arrived on the 29th for today's fan meeting... What about the other members... They can't just make her stay when she's wanting to leave. I don't understand why people think the eight members are the bitches

3. [+66, -47] If this is true, then Jessica back stabbed the eight members

4. [+33, -2] What's weird is that Sulli wanted to leave but they made her stay. Why is Jessica getting kicked out?

5. [+30, -3] People are mentioning Sulli but from what I think, the f(x) members wanted Sulli to stay when she got into her controversies, never mind Sulli being the SM princess. But the SNSD members wanted Jessica to leave, isn't this why she got kicked out? Jessica is more popular than Sulli overseas and more talented. Whether this is Jessica's fault or not, aren't the members being too cold when they worked together for like ten years? Jessica is partially at fault but there is no friendship in this. All SM has to do is to pretend like the victim and put the blames on Jessica with media-play

6. [+29, -7] SM is crazy for money, they never release articles that will negatively affect them. They made Jessica look like the bitch. At the end, they still kicked her out and the eight members agreed with it ^^

7. [+26, -0] SM knew everything about Jessica's business and her thoughts and they're even getting the loyalty from her business. They didn't think it'd be a problem because it wasn't gonna affect the 3 remaining years for SNSD. But SNSD members' friendship was worse than predicted, and the members were against Jessica. SM thought it'd be better to kick Jessica out then to get the members' complaints considering the earnings. So they kicked Jessica out of SNSD because the other members might leave instead

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