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Panns of Jessica & SNSD

Pann: The scale of Jessica's business

(Pann explains how Jessica's business is expanding in other countries)


1. [+436, -18] If we're combining SM and Jessica's statements, she was gonna leave Soshi after one more album but SM is telling her to leave now

2. [+406, -496] I don't understand the other eight members the most

3. [+385, -584] The eight members are the bitches, also SM

4. [+209, -14] Do you think Soshi is still in their Gee era? Look how Taetiseo's digital ranking is falling, it tells that Soshi is at their end. Jessica is smart for setting up a business. I think it's not true that Jessica is slacking off with SNSD's promotions. Jessica never missed a promotion while running her business. I think Jessica started her business with Soshi power so she was gonna focus on SNSD promotions until her business gets settled while paying the loyalty to SM for her business. And the other members didn't like it and kicked her out

5. [+183, -89] No wonder why she got kicked out

6. [+173, -77] Am I the only one who understands the eight members? Jessica seems to be too selfish


Pann: SNSD was predicted to disband before

(Pann criticizes how Taeyeon posts suspicious posts on Instagram with every SNSD controvery)


1. [+295, -57] She's also clearly targeting someone on her Instagram this time? Posting a weird picture saying "family picture style" ㅋㅋ The leader is so pathetic~ Didn't she learn when she ruined herself with Instagram? But she's trying to ruin herself again with those weird posts. She's aging but her brain is not catching up. Fucking pathetic

2. [+172, -8] Us girls would know ㅋㅋㅋ There are always those foxy girls who target specific people ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+115, -121] Do you think they would act that pathetic? They're not students, they just posted them without reasons... I feel so bad

4. [+67, -6] As a third person's perspective... She happened to post the picture at such a weird timing, and the characters and herself are eight, and she randomly says "family", isn't she obviously targeting someone?

5. [+67, -115] Far-fetched

6. [+63, -3] Honestly, the reason why SNSD is screwed is not because of Jessica's business. The members got into dating rumors except Jessica, Yuri, and Seohyun. Also, the members never got popular with their acting, they all flopped. Did Jessica's business ever affect them? It actually never affected anything. If Jessica did something wrong, then SM would've kicked her out of the company. She's still in the company and it's a win-win situation for both


Pann: The reason why Kim Heechul left Ssul Jeon


1. [+120, -18] SM is only fancy from outside. They're really rotten inside. Every group gets into controversies and they leave or get kicked out of the group with lawsuits ㅋㅋㅋ Relationships in SM are completely out of money and contracts

2. [+113, -5] Of course, it was her fault for not taking care of herself and not considering the group. But SM definitely has problems, considering how the artists always leave the groups or disband in bad ways

3. [+102, -7] SM artists always end badly. I barely saw artists who left in a good way

4. [+21, -7] Kim Heechul has no solutions. All he talked about was other people

5. [+10, -3] Every SM group gets into controversies ㅋㅋㅋ TVXQ, Super Junior, EXO, SNSD, F(x), etc. All SHINee has is dating rumors ㅋㅋㅋ One of the dirtiest companies


Pann: Blind item of Jessica's business

Jessica started her business and negotiated with SM that she's going to pay the loyalty to SM. But the eight SNSD members and their parents were against it. Because of this, their relationship with Jessica got worsened and they told her to leave SNSD if she was going to run her business. 

The reason why her business is troublesome is because if a member runs a certain business, they can't get CFs from the business category. 


1. [+195, -102] Am I the only one who thinks Jessica is selfish? She should've been responsible for her team if she renewed her contract for 3 years

2. [+188, -24] So their friendship is gone because of money ㅋㅋㅋ What sisters

3. [+173, -89] I think the eight members have the right to be mad? They can't get CF deals, their earnings get decreased, but she's running a business of it. How can they not be pissed?

4. [+68, -8] Why are you guys blaming Jessica? It's true that Jessica is being selfish but she already negotiated her business with SM. The other members were jealous and kicked her out ㅋㅋ Look how much Soshi earns, do you think their earnings will decrease dramatically just because of her business? If we're going to talk about CF, then we should blame Hyoyeon or Taeyeon who ruined SNSD's image. Why are you bringing business and CFs when they're not related at all? So their "family" "sister" bond were all lies. Their relationship got bad just because of money when they worked together for years

5. [+66, -3] Honestly, even if Jessica didn't run her business, I don't think they'd get sunglasses CFs. SNSD doesn't have much CFs to take anymore. Their CFs got cut off because of Taeyeon and Hyoyeon. Do you think they'll get other CFs? SNSD is not a trend anymore, they're only a long-run group now. They came on variety shows, cried, and said they're sisters but look how the eight members are kicking one member out because she's doing good. She's still in SM but she's only leaving the group? Does this even make sense? This is obviously their bad relationship, how else can you explain?

6. [+66, -4] Did Jessica miss promotions like Sulli did? Did she ruin their image like Hyoyeon? Did she ever miss a promotion because of her business and dating? SM even gets paid from her business

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