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SNSD vs f(x)

Pann: To compare overall visuals of SNSD and f(x)


1. [+95, -14] Victoria is as pretty as Krystal and Sulli


2. [+64, -5] They're both pretty? What's with these comparing Panns recently?

3. [+61, -138] Krystal is the only pretty one in f(x) whereas SNSD is pretty overall

4. [+37, -44] Honestly isn't SNSD prettier?

5. [+35, -17] Sorry to Sones but f(x) is prettier. SNSD is very pretty but not all nine members are pretty. F(x) has Krystal as the center with Vic and Sulli by the sides. Luna got so much prettier after weight loss and people say Amber is pretty irl. Honestly, just by one glance, you'd think f(x) is pretty

6. [+29, -11] Luna got so pretty with recent promotions. She's prettier than Sunny and Sooyoung. Yoona and Seohyun are outstandingly pretty but the rest of the members are not as pretty as Sulli, Krystal and Victoria

7. [+20, -11] SNSD and f(x) are the best visuals of girl groups. Red Velvet... lacks too much

8. [+20, -10] Soshi bermuda line


9. [+20, -5] Soshi looks like queens and f(x) looks like princesses. Both teams are pretty. Honestly there isn't a girl group whose visual is as pretty as these two teams

10. [+19, -10] F(x) personally

11. [+15, -13] These unnies


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