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Infinite's earnings

Instiz: Infinite's earnings this year?

According to SM C&C, Woolim's last year earnings were 11.7 billion won. This year's predicted earnings are 12.5 billion won and the next year is 13.5 billion won.

Infinite takes up 88% of Woolim's total earnings. Infinite earned 10.3 billion won last year and predictedly 10.7 billion won this year.

The main sources of Infinite's earnings are overseas fan meetings and overseas concerts. 37.8% of their earnings were overseas earnings.

24.2% (2.5 billion won) come from events and concerts. Their album sales were 2.2 billion won and the digital sales were 0.4 billion won.

The earnings from their CFs were 1 billion. This year's predicted earning is 0.7 billion.

In 2010, each member took 48,000,000 won. Last year, each member took 0.6 billion won.

Their earnings are predicted to decrease in 2017. Their predicted earning in 2016 is 10.9 billion won and 5.3 billion won in 2017


- Woolim pays their artists properly. They're a great company for singers

- Infinite grew up a lot ㅠㅠ I'm sure $100 of the earnings is from me

- I'll still be fangirling in 2017

- There should be more companies like Woolim

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