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Hidden Singer producer says there will be no more idol guests after criticisms on Taeyeon episode

Instiz: 'Hidden singer PD' "There will be no more idol teams on the show"

Hidden singer PD Jo Seung Wook responds to criticisms on Taeyeon's episode:

"Hidden Singer is not to pick a good singer. It's also not just picking the real one and the fake ones. We're not just judging their similarity like machines. It's the time of feeling the artist's music and background."

"Taeyeon is a big vocal in SNSD. This is why we chose two solo songs, one SNSD song, and one TTS song."

"A similar case like Taeyeon will not happen anymore because there will be no more idol teams on Hidden Singer 3"


- So G-Dragon is not gonna be on it
-- Was GD gonna be on it?
-- On Hidden Singer 3 promotional poster, they had G-Dragon as a predicted guest
-- I think they tried casting him but failed ㅋㅋㅋ There aren't that many people who can copy GD and he probably didn't want it either...

- I'm just waiting for Park Hyo Shin's episode

- Hul so Hyorin is not gonna be on it either?

- But my teacher's friend auditioned for GD's Hidden Singer episode?

- Yeah it was too much to put a SNSD song

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