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[Abnormal Summit Ep.12] sports + problems of smartphone addiction

Article: 'Abnormal Summit' Takuya, "Japanese people are very jealous of Kim Yuna"


1. [+10024, -123] Of course they are

2. [+8068, -109] We already know...

3. [+5317, -92] The articles are coming up so fast...

4. [+4249, -75] Woah the articles are super fast

5. [+3613, -69] Oops...

6. [+1819, -17] Takuya speaks well when they talk about sensitive things. He tries to avoid getting into arguments


Article: 'Abnormal Summit' Tyler, "Korea has the fastest Internet speed, only Shindorim station's Internet is slow"


1. [+423, -4] Our country has the fastest Internet speed... It's because the country is small and yet the infrastructure is well-built... Anyways, German Daniel is so likable when he talks. Tyler can sing. He sang Can't Let You Go Even If I Die so well

2. [+279, -10] And the fee is the highest... Phone fees are worse

3. [+225, -4] One of the advantages to live in our country is the fast Internet speed~

4. [+195, -4] There is no other place that has the Internet speed as fast as Korea

5. [+160, -2] Just like our "fast fast" culture, we have the best Internet speed in the world

6. [+61, -1] I laughed so hard when Tall Alberto said Shindorim station still had faster Internet than Italy ㅋㅋㅋ


Article: 'Abnormal Summit' Zhang Yuan, "I was upset with the comments that called me a Chink"

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1. [+920, -414] But you guys call us 高丽棒子(Chinese term that insults Koreans). Our country is at fault but I don't think your country is any better. Also the fact that they have bad manners at matches

2. [+831, -130] There are always pressed people. There are more people who like Zhang Yuan, hwaiting!!! Abnormal Summit hwaiting!!

3. [+276, -62] Well Chinese people have worse manners than us...

4. [+60, -8] I totally understand why you were upset when you were called a Chink by Koreans. But I hope you also criticized the Chinese people who call Koreans 高丽棒子 on Korean portal sites. Or do you not know what your citizens are doing because of your unique nationalism?

5. [+58, -15] You were called a Chink only by online comments, but when I was in Shanghai, I clearly heard the taxi driver calling me 高丽棒子. Chinese people never realize what they're doing

6. [+53, -17] We all understand when Japanese people call us "josenjing", it's the same with Chinese people. Don't call Chinese chinks... It's so embarrassing to the point I want to sew up their mouth


Article: [Yesterday's TV] 'Abnormal Summit' The uncomfortable truth the agreeable show points out


1. [+521, -37] Don't call Chinese Chinks. Imagine how we'd get mad if we're called "josenjing"

2. [+406, -9] Yesterday's topic was so great. Yoo Se Yoon's MC-ing skills improve every time... The webtoon he makes also points out the problems of smartphones. He gave good opinions and organized the members' opinions well... The reason why the old-styled dramas like Reply are successful is because the current generation misses the analog era... It's a bitter reality where you only look at your phone when you're eating with your friends. Anyways, Abnormal Summit is such a good program

3. [+300, -3] This show is so helpful and good!

4. [+280, -4] I agree with the foreigners a lot and I like how they point out the current generation's problems

5. [+235, -9] Sometimes, it looks scary how all people are looking at their phones in the subway

6. [+88, -7] It was shocking when they said there were no hateful comments in Europe....

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