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Hara's pretty looks

Pann: Goo Hara looks so pretty in this gif


1. [+156, -35] Goo Hara is really pretty... Hara was a visual shock since Rock U and she was always pretty without a downfall... Her original face is fancy so she suits heavy makeup like that. I envy her


2. [+119, -83] I used to think she's cute and pretty... I'm being honest... but why did she become a doll? She just looks like a doll. To exaggerate, it's like Park Bom... I'm not saying that she's at Park Bom's level but the aura of her. She's pretty but what's with her now?

3. [+99, -33] But it looks a bit scary

4. [+52, -2] She looks good with heavy makeup

5. [+47, -64] It's because of the plastic surgery, makeup and colored contact lenses

6. [+36, -17] It looks so unnatural

7. [+33, -2] She's so pretty but I agree with the best reply... She was the prettiest when she got a decent amount of work done. She's still pretty, of course

8. [+31, -4] Goo Hara is at her peak with every comeback. Her face suits makeup really well. Pretty


9. [+27, -6] She got work done but I don't know exactly where. She used to be cutely pretty but now she's fancily pretty. How can you compare Hara to Park Bong? Do you have eye problem?

10. [+23, -3] I've seen people who doesn't like Goo Hara but I've never seen anyone who calls her ugly

11. [+23, -2] I think she was innocently pretty before plastic surgery ㅠㅠ I'm a guy but she really looks like a doll

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